Wednesday, February 15, 2012


It is now common to see that our politicians just provide the lip service for the people. During the general election they cheat their voters that they could make the life of the people better but when they get into power they go and live in Dar es salaam. They totally forget their voters. When another general election comes they come again to cheat their voters.
In Tanzania for example  in 2005, Mr. Jakaya Kikwete the fourth phase  president cheated Tanzanians. He told them that he would make their life better. He warned his fellow leaders that he has a smiling face but he is serious. Mr. Kikwete also promised people that he would fight against corruption and eliminate it in  his presidential phase.
 Now our president has shown his weakness that he is unable to fight against corruption. Corruption has now increased than before. The simple question that people can ask themselves is: Why Mr Kikwete failed to eradicate poverty? The reason behind is that the people who engage in corruption practices are his friends who helped him during general election of 2005 in campaign. So he afraid to create hatred with them.
It is  corruption that makes life of the people to be so hard. Most of the politicians are only considering their interest. They misuse the resources of the nation.
It is now known that the treasure of country is empty because much money is used by politicians to pay themselves.Their salary and allowance is higher than salary of other workers. This shows the classes in Tanzania. The government is now bankrupt. Because the income of the nation is used for interest of some people in the society.

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